Friday Night Basketball


Jake Alcorace, Staff Writer

A popular recreational activity for practicing athletes is the Friday Night Basketball League in Naugatuck.  This league is comprised of players ages 14-18 who want to enjoy the sport, but in a less competitive environment.

League commissioner and referee Kevin Mcsherry has been running the Friday Night League for many years. He has gathered a group of local sponsors to be a part of this league.  They sponsor teams in the league to grow attention for their businesses. Places like Nardelli’s, Buckmiller’s funeral home, and Ion bank, all have teams that play every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday Night.

As the new season is about ready to start, Mr. Mcsherry hopes to have as good of a year as the league did last year. The championship series was a “battle of the funeral homes,” as Buckmiller’s funeral home defeated Alderson’s funeral home in what was one of the most thrilling, and exciting matches in the league’s history. The league is hopeful to have yet another exciting season this year.

As last year’s seniors went out of the league, there are plenty of new faces in the league this year. Naugatuck High School student and Friday Night League rookie Nick Cantoni said, “I’ve always enjoyed coming to Hillside every week to watch the games. Mr. Mcsherry does a great job of organizing the league and it is run beautifully. I’m very excited to finally start my career.”

When asked what he wanted to accomplish from this season, Nick said “My main goal is to bring my team to the absolute best they can be. I’m going for rebounds, and triple-doubles. I’m going to be the star player on this team. What I want to accomplish is bringing a championship to my team.”

Although it’s a very fun time playing in the league, the players should not let it be a distraction from their academics. When asked how the Friday Night League would benefit him, Nick Cantoni said “FNL will benefit me by improving my communication skills. The winning expectations will play both on and off the court. Winning on the court will make me want to win off the court.”

Not only do the players gain exercise from being on the court, they gain skills that can help them in the classroom. Players in the Friday Night league gain communication skills and critical thinking skills. Playing for this league gives the kids a chance to get away from the stressful days they have at school and to enjoy some fun games of basketball with their peers.

Fans are more than welcome to come watch and support the players. The first Friday Night League games are on Wednesday, January 13th at Hillside Intermediate School.