“It” is a sensation

Carol Ann Gladstone, Editor

September 8, 2017, marking the 27th year anniversary of the original film, the Andres Muschietti’s remake of  Stephen King’s IT invaded movie theaters.

The movie was announced to be in pre-production almost two years ago. The whole cast picked out by that time.

The cast includes Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, Jackson Robert Scott as Georgie, Jaeden Lieberher as Bill, Finn Wolfhard as Richie, Sophia Lillis as Beverly, Wyatt Oleff as Stan, Jack Grazer as Eddie, and Chosen Jacobs as Mike.

The cast was handpicked to perfection as watchers can see when they watch the movie. The kids are funny, spunky, and, overall, talented actors and actresses.

The movie followed the book more so than the 1990 version. Reviews on the new movie say the best quality of the movie is that it’s exactly like reading the book. Others see the best quality as the humor and the chemistry between the characters.

The kids acted with amazing talent and fluency with their lines and overall screen performance.

The movie starting with the infamous scene between Billy and Georgie, showing the close relationship between the two brothers. The heartwarming the scene almost made watchers feel saddened knowing what was going to come next.

Skarsgård played a fantastic Pennywise. Tim Curry was also iconic, buth the new clown brought a creepy face along with even creepier makeup.

The smile. It is terrifying, more so because the drool is very obviously coming out of his mouth as he looked at the children didn’t exactly sit well with fans. It is almost like viewers are one of the kids at whom he is staring.

To add to the horror of the film are the jump scares. They are unexpected and well placed. There are parts that can cause a scream or two but other than that, the movie was actually very successful with its comedic streak.

Finn Wolfhard, who is also known from Netflix’s Stranger Things, is the best choice for Richie Tozier, which means a lot because he needed to fill in Seth Green’s shoes.

Wolfhard’s character shows the most humor in the situation saying things like, “Can only virgins see this stuff?” and other vulgar-yet-genius lines.

His character also has a comedic partner, Jack Grazer as Eddie. His hypochondriac personality causes laughs throughout the movie.

He turned into an internet meme with his line “You know what these are? These are gazebos, which mean they’re bull****.”

The movie really lived up to its promotion and expectations for a Stephen King movie. Viewers weren’t disappointed at any time of the movie.

David N. Butterworth, a top critic on Rotten Tomatoes, says “With carefully-crafted chills, well-developed characters, and a strong storyline, “It” deserves a place in the canon of stellar Stephen King adaptations.”

Fans are excited to see Muschietti’s second adaptation of chapter 2 in 2019.