Joyner Lucas’s new video is a success


Jordan Anderson, Staff Writer

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Joyner Lucas, a highly regarded rap artist, who often makes songs relating directly to the problems of Americans everywhere are so often challenged with, such as suicide, absent fathers, and, most recently, racism, a critical issue for over 300 years now.

This music video is probably one of the most moving videos ever addressing this poignant controversy. Joyner Lucas is a black man, yet the still hits on both negative sides of the white and black races evenly while still raising awareness on racism as a whole.

This music video titled “I’m Not Racist” starts off with a white and black male sitting at a round table across from one another and then the white man starts to speak and instantly jumps into the use of the ‘n’ word.

“As soon as I say “N****,” then everyone react. And wanna swing at me and call me racist ’cause I ain’t black.”

Although this line seems offensive, it is all part of the tactics the artist uses to compel discomfort in his listeners.

The rap then takes the perspective of the black man,  who says, “ The power in the word n**** is a different sin. We shouldn’t say it but we do. And that’s just what it is. But that don’t mean that you can say it just cause you got n**** friends”.

Within the video, we can look at the way these men look and dress. The white man has a big belly, a Trump hat and work boots while the black man has dreads, chains, and ripped jeans. They both seem to fulfill certain stereotypes that the artist is trying to dispel.

These men aren’t the only symbols in this video. There is also one great piece of cinematography when a little more than three minutes in they show the two seated at the table with a pole dividing them.

The ending of this music video is by far the most powerful and moving part of the entire music video. After the two are done going at each other, they hug it all out and squash all their issues.

The last thing we see is a title slide that reads, “We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion seperated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us.”



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