“Love Simon” tells a beautiful, important love story

“Love, Simon” not only successfully entertains but perfectly conveys a homosexual love story respectfully and properly. Garnering over $50,000,000 since its debut on March 16th, it’s safe to say the movie is a hit.

Starting off as a novel by Becky Albertalli entitled Simon vs.The Homosapiens Agenda, the desire to pick it up as a major motion picture from 20th Century Fox was something that came as a shocking yet fulfilling surprise.

As we know LGBT based stories aren’t represented as much as they should be, and the fact a huge film company chose to produce such a film goes to show how not only the entertainment business is changing, but our society as a whole is for the better.

The film focuses on 17 year old Simon Spier and his life as a high school student. Of course this comes with struggles and one of Simon’s biggest is coming out to his family and friends as gay.

Actor Nick Robinson started off as a child actor starring in Disney’s “Frenemies,” but quickly moved into more large scale productions such as “Jurassic World” and “The 5th Wave”.

Being such a well known actor, starring in “Love Simon” was technically risky for his career due to it being an LGBT film, but Nick wanted to play the role anyways because he believes it was an important story to convey.

Nick gained major success with this role, and a more older actor, Jake Gyllenhaal did a similar romance movie released in 2005, “Brokeback Mountain” and also received a lot of success in his career. It seems that these male actors taking these risky roles pays off in the end.

In the film, an anonymous student named “Blue”  posted online that he is gay and Simon takes it upon himself to reach out to him anonymously as well through email.

The two develop a strong relationship but that leaves Simon searching for who “Blue” is. All the while, another student finds these emails and decides to blackmail Simon in order to get closer to his friend Abby.

One of the most emotional scenes is of Simon’s mother confronting him after he came out and telling him how she feels. Her positive and loving reaction is sure to deliver goosebumps as she tells him, “You get to exhale now Simon. You get to be more you than you have been in a very long time.”

This film conveys a sense of normalcy to a gay love story. You almost forget you’re watching an LGBT movie, and take it in as just another love story, which was the director Greg Berlanti creator’s intent.

The importance of the film for not only showing a gay relationship, but also a teen coming out and his struggles with it, which is rarely shown in film.

Concluding the film, Simon is close to giving up as he sits on the town carnivals ferris-wheel where he expected to finally meet Blue. All a sudden Blue sits next to him revealing himself. The ferris wheel starts up and they end the scene with a kiss as everyone cheers them on, leaving viewers with a happy and satisfying ending.

Whether you’re in the LGBT community or not, this film is something that should be seen and can be enjoyed by everyone.