Diversify enters its second year with big plans


Samantha Tyler, Staff Reporter

In its second year, Diversify is an NHS club in which students gather to discuss the different cultures and use their voices to work to achieve equality.

Last winter, Diversify became a safe place where students could gather to feel comfortable with who they are and could express themselves through discussion and activism. The club worked closely with the Black Student Union, which was also in its infancy.

One important goal is “recruiting student representatives of the demographics of Naugatuck with special attention to underrepresented groups, ensuring diverse, equitable, and inclusive student, faculty, and staff participation, and striving to make the educational experience inclusive through curricular and co-curricular innovation,” said Ayanna Williams, president of Diversify and a junior at NHS.

Mumthanu Emilah was the founder of Diversify in NHS. She wanted it to spur action towards more inclusivity and equity. 

“Kristen Mabrouk of Naugatuck Youth Services and I were inspired by her plea and got together and helped her form the group and began meetings in October of last year,” said Mrs. Ashley Kastelein, English teacher and adviser of Diversify.

Currently students are learning about School to Prison Pipeline. They are watching 13th, a documentary by Ava DuVernay about the topic. According to Mrs. Kastelein, students will pursue a project about this issue when discussion are over.

“Some of the other topics that have been mentioned are studying stigmas going along with mental health, Pakistan, being an ally and anti-racism,” said Mrs. Kastelein.

If you would like to help Diversify in their mission, they meet Fridays after school!