Glass Doll

She holds herself like steel

But in reality she is as breakable as glass.

She’s cracked and broken and barely holding.


Tinkling of glass is all that’s heard

Her heart shatters finally freeing herself from childish fantasies.

She has to be strong.

She can break down later.

Her clockwork is forcing her to smile.

All she is is a knick-knack that they take out to show.

Her glass body is not for gawkers’ eyes like at some freak show.

She is scared of hurt and judgement.

She tries so hard to conform and be a mindless machine.

That’s what she want, simple 1’s and 0’s.

But she is a malfunctioning glass doll who tries her best to be steel.

But no matter what she can’t peel off the glass and put on the steel.

She doesn’t like the way it makes her act or feel.

Round and round she goes in this snow globe.

She wants to scream and cry out but she can only communicate with melodic strains making her pain sound beautiful.

When in reality it’s bruises on her skin and her heart.

They shake it up and twists the knob so she can spin in the snow for their amusement

She cannot hold on much longer. She’s holding onto the edge for dear life but in all reality she might fall into the chasm.

If she could gain the strength she’d pull herself up, but for now she just hangs.

The clockwork doll.