Life now is like 

A dog trapped in a cage.


This stage is becoming

A rampage. 


I am starting to feel like I’m middle aged.


I go downstairs to see my mother burning white sage. 


Only 15 so I can only make minimum wage. 


I need to calm down. 


Take a deep breath in…


Deep breath out. 


There are people that have it way worse than me.

Having to go flee. 

For some people that’s their routine. 


Did you hear that there might be another wave? 


Another wave of emotions, 

Another wave of distress, 

Another wave of 

Promotions or devotions. 


We all need time to ourselves 

but ,

It’s starting to feel like I’m put under spells. 


I need to break free 



The thought of it just makes me shaky.


This experience takes me 

And makes me…


Makes me feel like I am alone, but, 


I am not. 


It’s hard to realize what you got

once its gone

 or when you see it more than often.


Like you are hanging around someone or something 

And you realise that you can’t live with them. 


This pandemic taught me a lot as a teen. 


I wonder what others went through during this scene.