Looking in the mirror.

Shouldn’t there not be anything clearer?

It is clean cut with precision,

But other people’s views can cloud your vision.

It becomes as though looking in the dark,

The cracks in the mirror leaving their ever growing mark.

Everyone has a different perspective. 

They have their perspective of you, 

And sometimes there’s nothing you can do. 

To change the artistic style,

 Even if the image makes your nerves run tasting bitter bile.

The brush strokes set to the canvas permanent and dry,

That way even till after the day you die.

Or is it?

Every artist is a careful crafter.

Thinking as though they are a master,

Even if using poor brushes and eyes.

Even if the piece tells the beholder pretty lies,
seeing as they please.

Not thinking to give ease,

They are bias.

Seeing your head topped with ever black horns.

Seeing your teeth as sharp and pointy thorns,

All the negative traits pulled forward.

The paintbrush an unforgiving sword,

Opinions swaying like a swing.

They can hurt an awakening sting,

A warped canvas.

Or seeing you as though perfect.

Not seeing any problem or defect,

Everything given a sugar coating.

Filtered and saturated never eroding,

Being put on a pedestal ever shining.

Positivity ever entwining,

An over polished display.  

Brain overwhelmed the mirror shatters,

Not one of those paintings even matters. 

It is what lies beyond the skin,

It is what is held within.

Only you can know your heart, 

No artist can even begin to start.

You are the bearer of truth.

Time lets the canvas yellow.

Now left softened and mellow,

Paint chips flutter off and fade.

Leaving behind only traces of art once made,

The painting is now outdated.

No longer needing to feel as if being rated,

The depiction now rotted with age.

Every artist is another’s newest muse.

The one who lights up a sparked fuse,

The features of the paintings they pick and choose.

There is no win or lose,

Dear listener do not worry.

For we all have our own reflection,

We are all human and beautifully hold imperfection.