Working on my own is always how I want to live life. 


I am training myself to be like my mother. 


She is independent,


And she’s a special element. 


I want to run the horizon just like she does, 


When she goes out for positive things 

It always comes back and clings. 


One day I will protect own my cubs and be Independent

 just like her. 

Because she is raising me to be one big fighter. 


I will have pretty spots like hers, 

Sharp nails,

And the snappiest roar. 


She is the provider. 

Unlike my siblings 

I am a writer 


And I  have a desire. 


They say my mother is very passive.




You see passive 

I see a massive

Combative individual. 


Who is ready to pounce. 

But you don’t see an ounce. 


You see someone who could care less and someone 

you would never expect to do something. 


I see her heart thumping, 

Out of her chest. 

Stuck in her throat. 


She doesn’t want to do nothing. 

She walks away and gets to jumping,


around to calm herself down. 


That’s my idol. 

Stronger than you think but,


Never forget


 that our minds are in sync.