NHS celebrates Pinkapalooza

OCTOBER IS HEREEEE –  you know what means its Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This day is all about educating students and adults on breast cancer and supporting people that have it or have survived it. 

Every year Naugatuck High School supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month by celebrating a special day called Pinkapalooza.

 “So I believe that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is important because there are so many women that are fighting against this type of cancer and I believe that they are such strong symbols of what women can do and how they can overcome such terrible terrible challenges. I just love to support any type of women that is going through this terrible circumstance, but I know that it is curable and that this is an amazing community that comes together to fight against this disease,” said Ms. Laura Firmani, one of Naugy’s media specialists. 

Hundreds of students celebrate breast cancer awareness month by wearing pink on this day. 

Many went all out this year wearing face paint and dressing in fun pink outfits that would consist of knee high socks,tutus and bandanas as well. 

Throughout the day there are also various things that take place in the school. Lots of games and prizes you can win, as well as things you can purchase in the cafe during the day to help get in the spirit.

“We sent out the flyer to notify students, faculty and staff about were our money will be going to. It is a charity event and were collecting money for raffle tickets,bracelets, beads and face painting, which is all an assortment of different prices. For example the tickets are 2$, the bracelets and beads are 1 and I believe the tattoos are 2 for a dollar. Then the face paint as well is a dollar. All of these proceeds are going to an organization called barbells for boobs, which is an organization of women who previously had cancer and we are also trying to support our own teacher Mr. Troy. His sister is actually apart of this organization and she had breast cancer so we chose this charity for that purpose to support our own community members. Obviously it is going on today, October 25th all day and we just wanted to spread the word using a flyer, “ said Firmani.

During flex you may see lots of kids taking photos with each other to capture the special moment. Lots of people gather in front of the school to take a group photo. You can see these photos @NAUGY_SC on Instagram or Twitter.