Mrs. Campbell comes out of retirement – for a little while

Former English teacher, Mrs. Cheryl Campbell, has recently come out of retirement to help take over for Mrs. Norcross, the AP Literature and English 3 teacher who is out for a short time.

According to Campbell, Norcross reached out via phone call and asked if she was willing to sub for couple of weeks. Campbell accepted.

“I wanted to make sure when she came back, she didn’t come back, you know when there is a sub for a long time, she didn’t have to come back to that…she could just pick up and go on.” 

Campbell retired in June of 2019 after teaching for 35 years here at Naugatuck High. Every day during those 35 years, she and her colleagues would get together at the start of the school day, before classes, and just talk. She also said that this was one of the things that she missed about being a teacher and about NHS.

Another thing that she missed: her students. 

“I miss talking to the kids. The good thing about this is, I don’t have to go to meetings… I can just talk to kids and then go home.”

She does admit, however, that being officially retired has its perks. Campbell says that being able to wake up on her own time and staying at home in her “jammies” are both things that she has greatly enjoyed.

Students in her classes have all enjoyed Campbell as teacher, especially those in her period 5 AP Literature. Her students appreciate her vast knowledge of literature and the care she takes in making sure her students understand the material. Campbell will continue to teach until Norcross’ return late this month to mid December.