NHS welcomes AP Mrs. Johnna Hunt


As we ring in the new school year, Naugatuck High School welcomes new Assistant Principal Johnna Hunt to our outstanding list of faculty members. 

Mrs. Hunt is coming from an eleven-year position as principal at Hillside Intermediate School. She says that she has always looked forward to working with this age group, so she was ecstatic about the transition from the intermediate level to the high school level.

“I was very excited to get working with this age group. When I became a teacher I was certified 7-12. I ended up teaching in middle school and I ended up becoming an intermediate principal and I loved that, but my goal always was wanting to be in high school so I was excited to come to Naugatuck High School. Seeing my former students was great. I enjoy working with this age group,” Hunt told The Greyhound News.

After graduating from NHS in 1989, Hunt attended Central Connecticut State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and History. She is also a graduate of the school’s Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certificate Program. In 2008, she graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

“When I went to Central Connecticut State University for my undergrad and then I went back there to get certified in elementary education. Then the other school that I went to was the University of Cincinnati and I did that online, back when nobody did online. That was one of the first programs. I was a working mom and I had three young kids and Mr. Hunt worked as a police officer on a different shift so the only way I was going back to school was if I could find the flexibility. One got me ready for teaching, and then Cincinnati got me ready for my role as principal,” said Hunt in regards to her own past education.

Hunt has known that she wanted to be in such a strong leadership position at a very early age, as early as high school. She has described how at a young age she knew that she wanted to be a teacher after attending Naugatuck High School. She reports how she fell in love with school, and how she loves being with the kids.


She notes that she had excellent mentors that played a role in inspiring her to pursue a career in the education field. 

“Mr. Sullivan was the principal at Hillside while I was a teacher and he was a mentor to me. I think that when you are around other strong leaders then they help inspire you. He is also a good partner now.” 

The transition from Hillside to NHS has been different due to the coronavirus, but that has not changed Hunt’s positive outlook on her new position. She is aware that there have been many changes to the procedures of Naugatuck High School, but she is still joyful about being a part of the school’s community. She believes that this transition has been “wonderfully seamless.”

While this school year has not been what Hunt was expecting, she has been open and optimistic about her future at Naugatuck High School. The Greyhound News wishes her best of luck.