Matthew Kilburn crowned Mr. Greyhound 2022!


The 2022 Mr. Greyhound winner is Naugy’s soccer star, Matthew Kilburn! He was crowned in the auditorium on December 20th and was decorated with a sash.

As winter break approaches, Naugatuck High School’s fine gentlemen performed and competed in DECA’s annual Mr. Greyhound competition, a male beauty pageant aimed to get students and staff hyped for the holidays and to raise funds for DECA.

The Greyhound guys competed in a series of 6 fun categories – Summer, Winter, Fall, Talent, Formal wear, and a 2 question segment.

The contestants were Matthew Kilburn (Sr.), Zack McCasland (Jr.), Anthony Montini (Jr.), Nicholas Montini (Jr.), Jayden Bartell (Sr.), Pedro Crivella (Sr.), AJ Garcia (Sr.), and Vinny DosSantos (Sr.)

Pre-show, we got a chance to go backstage and interview some of the contestants. When Nick Montini was asked why he should win he responded, “Because Nick Montini always stays on top.” I guess that  did not go too well for him. 

Although, in the talent category, Nick wowed the crowd in his shimmery gold tutu accompanied by his thrilling triple back-handspring and a few twirls. This was just enough for him to gain a lead on the other contestants and place third overall.

In the 2 question segment, everyone was in awe after AJ’s response to the question, “What is your dream date?” He described a date that consisted of going to a Yankee game in NYC, and after the game they would explore the streets of Times Square and go to eat at a restaurant. What a sweetheart!

Zack McCasland impressed the audience when the Greyhounds cleaned up for their formal section of the show. Prior to the contest, Zack claimed his strong suit would be the formal wear saying, “I’m the most handsome in the competition.” As the guys were escorted to the stage by their dates, Zack definitely wowed the crowd.

Many Naugy students were able to attend the show and were happy to share their support for these gentlemen. “The performances were so fun and engaging, I loved the show,” shared Sophomore, Gabby Sanchez after the show.

As our senior contestants graduate this spring, they hoped to create more fun high school memories with their fellow classmates that night. Senior AJ Garcia believes, “You’re only in high school once, so might as well make fun of it while having a good time.” 

As the evening came to a close the audience was given the opportunity to share their own personal favorites from the night. As our hosts of the show called out the names of each of the contestants, an overwhelming loud roar came from the crowd when host Camryn Smith announced Junior Zack McCasland. Even before the show many of the guys anticipated this outcome. Senior Pedro Crivella admitted, “My biggest threat is definitely Zack with his mustache, it’s just there.” I guess Zack’s mustache is what helped him earn his second place sash.

After the crowd delivered their opinions, the judges had the final say of the night. Judging the evening of entertainment were Mr. Sweet (NHS Science teacher), Mr. Barton (NHS Business teacher), Mrs. Teixeira (NHS Secretary), and senior Skylynn Valle. After lots of deliberation the judges concluded that Matthew Kilburn would be Naugy’s 2022 Mr. Greyhound. 

Judge Mr. Sweet said, “Matt’s loud expressions in his introduction made me and the other judges just laugh a lot – he was very engaged with the crowd along with us the judges.”

Mr. Greyhound, Matt Kilburn announced that, “It feels great to win, definitely a major confidence boost.” 

“Follow your dreams – if you want something make it happen.”

The dazzling performances, hilarious acts, and show stopping talents created an outstanding night for NHS and created more phenomenal high school memories.